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How Far Is Connecticut From New York By Plane

By Plane: The Distance Between Connecticut and New York

Connecticut and New York are neighboring states in the northeastern region of the United States. Despite their proximity, traveling between the two by plane offers a quick and convenient option for commuters and travelers alike. With several airports serving both Connecticut and New York, getting from one state to the other is a breeze for those who choose to fly.

One of the main advantages of traveling by plane is the sheer speed at which the journey can be completed. The distance between Connecticut and New York is relatively short, ranging from around 100 to 150 miles depending on the exact locations. By taking to the skies, travelers can reach their destination in a matter of minutes, drastically reducing travel time compared to other modes of transportation. In addition, the frequent flights between the two states ensure that there are plenty of options available to fit various schedules and preferences.

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